“I operate a professional career development organization in Tokyo. I often seek Chris' counsel and have always found her advice to be solid, practical, and reality-based. She has a gift. Coupled with this skill there is a warmth of personality and a real compassion and empathy for people going through challenging times.

It is easy to lose one's way when working endless 12-hour days. Chris has a wonderful ability to help people "step back" and see the larger picture. This advice is practical for professionals who feel they need help or that they may have lost their way. Even if you feel things are reasonably under control, it is very helpful to have that "3rd party" step in and help you to clarify career and personal goals.

“Although I was initially sceptical about coaching, my perspective toward my career has become very positive since I participated in career coaching sessions with Ms. Chris Black.

It is sometimes very hard to see through all our own problems and to seek solutions in a working environment without the help of a Coach.

If you are seeking better career opportunities or searching for more satisfaction from your job, I recommend you contact Chris.”

S. Hayashibara (HR Manager, Tokyo, Japan)

“It was when I was increasingly aware what I was doing for work was not for me, that I met with Chris. Searching for what really was for me required honest self-examination, something not necessarily comfortable for me to do. Chris was very patient and perceptive, guiding me in this process without becoming too directive. She spoke to my heart, helping me to realize all what I needed was to look inside myself. Above all, she gave me the very courage I needed. Looking back, as a child, I dreamed of working in a health care field. However, I found myself in a different field and I was feeling lost. I have made a full circle and I am now realizing my dream. I am studying to become a pharmacist, and I am now a happy person. I am very grateful, without the help from Chris, I would not have been able to get to where I am now.”

H. Ishida (former Consultant, Tokyo, Japan)

“Chris is a very smart and flexible professional who can accommodate herself to various situations in accordance with her precise judgment relevant to the situation or individual. Her judgment is not only sharp but also very warm and positive because of the nature of her personality. With a lot of invaluable international experience, Chris knows how to combine this into the Japanese culture and Japanese people very naturally.

Chris reminds us of real Japanese virtues such as gentleness, caring, a genuine manner and politeness that we sometimes forget in our current life. She is not just a theorist but a realist. Chris' advice and solutions are always based on realistic situations and are achievable for those wanting to seek them.

I admire her as a professional who has 'real humanity'.”

S. Urano (Executive Search Consultant, Melbourne, Australia)

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